Eclipse Build Pictures (lazy versions without thumbnails)

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Here we go again

More planking

Don't forget the first hull

Place the mat over the Hull

and coat with resin, key the edges and do it all over

More sanding

Filling and Sanding

Turning over with help



Frames removed for clearance

The Makings of a Catamaran


15th May 2011 Glassing the inside piece by piece


The starboard Steps


The rear beam in position prior to measurement of parallels and diagonals


Front beam ditto


Front Beam glued and glassed - no going back now


Heads plinth and bathroom floor with shower drain which has a very nice grating to fit it


This one should have been higher up the list. The hulls are put in position and you begin to realise just how big its going to be.

Port looking Aft Beam bonded and knee'd No 6 bulkhead showing the start of the access panel

Starboard hull showing the engine plinth in position, since the picture was taken it has been bonded but not faired smooth to the hull

Bulkhead 3 in position



Bulkhead 3 bonded and Mast beam in position also bulkhead 4 in position


Port Engine bed ready to bond

Saloon and water tank taking shape


Galley area, the locker frontwill be covered in cherrywood veneer and the openings will have solidwood edges.


Now with worktops, bowls and oven.


Homemade Davits prior to paint (etch and 2 pack) or maybe epoxy powder coating.

Port engine in its bay. Exposed areas flowcoated, above to be soundproofed. (Feb 2013)




The seat tops are bonded, just waiting for some warm so I can coat the exposed ply and slap on the backrest ply.

The back angle fillets are only blue because I mixed up too much for the water tank, Its not a fashion statement.(Feb 2013).


There has been a bit of a freezeout due to my computer skills not being as good as my boatbuilding skills but this may now be resolved.


The Gas Locker, showing the location for 2 Butane bottles.

Ive still got to do the foredeck part and the opening locker lids but its progress.



Laminated foredeck from two 4mm pieces of gaboon ply soon to become a part of the boat.


Starboard afterdeck, more work needed before skinning with 300g glass and epoxy, the port side is also needing more work.



The underside of the Bridgedeck, the join is heavily radiused and covered with 4 strips of glass before fairing, sanding and painting.


This is progress up to the end of June 2013.



Random progress pictures as temperature and time have allowed

Just put some old cushion in to make it look the part.



Stbd Bow sheathed and drilled for fittings but not as yet painted.



Port aft deck area showing progress



It was too hot in the tunnel and I was bored so I built a plywood dinghy.

I first built one of these probably about 15 years ago when I was passed an american mag with an article on boshing a tender together in a weekend,

I only made the rowing version and gave it to the scouts after about a year, this time I have extended it to fill the available plywood sheet (about an extra 8 inches) and fitted it for sailing which it does very well using a discarded windsurfer mast and sail.

The sharp ones will have noticed that it is the same as Richards small dinghy design and thats because the article was written Lillian Woods I guess I owe Someone a fee for the plan Should Richard ever visit I will buy him a pint or two.


Shown on the left is the finished dinghy parked upright for the winter, it has strong points glassed in so it will eventually sit in the davits.





June 2014, Chart table and Battery box taking shape with the roof frame resting in place,

I now have to build the roof on the floor and move it to the top and bond in position this will be easier than raising the roof.




June 2014, Chart table now looking a lot more finished with the fuse panel fitted. The instrument shelf will have Battery monitoring and repeater instruments set into it and probably the VHF


The roof stage one


Stage 1 glassed and microballooned (Filled

The next stage epoxied and waiting for the tacky stage before rolling out filled epoxy


Flipped over and needing sanding beforeglass and epoxy


Ready to go

Sunday is for glassing the inside, 2 strips across the roof is enough for me.(31August 2014)

Roof at the back of the boat ready to launch

Roof wriggled on top of the Hulls, just enough room to shove it on but none to workon top I will have to make the shell watertight before I remove the Tunnel and finish the top.


Sitting inside looking at the Chart Table and Battery box.

All progress slows until the perfect weather probably first 2 weeks in March.

I shall start a New page for 2015 as this one seems to have become very long.