Eclipse Build Pictures 2015

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I should have put this one in last years pages, the weather was rank and I needed a small carrot.

The non slip is Gerbill sand in coloured epoxy and the cream is 2 pack non-isocyanate acrylic rolled on maybe I'll get it sprayed at the first refit.

I only painted the steps not the whole boat!


The foredecks are shaping up now in between sunbursts

The Starboard Foredeck has the Sail locker cut into it and when I have glassed the decks I should be able to fix the roof down.



Both Engine bays are almost ready to use they are only missing control cables and the wiring loom, these won't be added until the cockpit takes shape.




Using the upstand for the Sail Locker as a pattern for the lid using ply spacers, the next pic shows the assembled curved top cover with 300g glass sheathing.




Port FWD deck covered in glass and epoxy waiting for tacky then a coat of easy sand filler.



And here it is smoothed, the sail locker top and associated hinge blocks are being tested for fit and the opening side windows(GEBO portlights) have had their holes cut these will not be final fitted until after painting.


Starboard FWD deck catching up with the port side.


Support structure for the steering situpons, there are 3 threaded inserts for the upstand rails bonded in.


Cover board held in place with a couple of fixings and a dollop of 10mm chain.


Starboard side looking a bit finished, it will be taken apart and not assembled until after deck painting.


Starboard side and forward deck smeared with easy sand filler.


Mast support glued, glassed and supported. Just final positioning of the roof measuring and checking before committing.



Prep for coppercoat, and yes the waterline is high but I will use anything up to the 5inch extra to adjust for fore and aft level don't forget I have to allow for about another 350kgs of engine and fuel. The out of parallel with the actual waterline will be covered by a vinyl go faster stripe big enough to cover the difference.


Ta Dah! I personally think it looks good, now I have to get the Starboard hull to catch up.




The end of November 2015,more or less.

The damp season has set in with a vengeance most days see the moisture meter well above 80% rh occasionally there will be few hours when it drops to 70.

I now have a chance to make things for the dry day glue fest that will one day happen, the list of potential items is long and of course there is always sanding!!