Eclipse Build Pictures 2016

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Starboard Hull after 4 or 5in some areas of Synergy coppercoat again painted to design waterline plus 5 inches


Bulkhead 4 Butt and strap joined with the door portal acquiring 3 thicknesses of 9mm ply to make it look sturdy enough to support a door.


Port Bow painted, just shows what a lot of time you can waste with filler and sanding boards


The photo doesn't do the paint justice, it has a stunning shine.. Port Hull painted with 3 coats of 2 pack Acrylic rolled on, it covers waterline to non slip deck line all the way round apart from under the Bridgedeck which I will do at a later date

The starboard Hull is now painted same as the port 3 coats of 2 pack acrylic, this took place sometime in August when I was happy with the filled surface.


In this shot the access hole in the cockpit floor has been filled and the sole support pieces have been bonded in, the fancy blue will never be seen and it uses up epoxy watertank paint the would otherwise be wasted.



The sole is now bonded and the rear lockers can be glued in along with generous radius fillets for the 300gram glass that will line the cockpit sole. Cockpit drains will be 1,1/2"sink drains in thin stainless suitably countersunk into the floor. ..