Eclipse Build Pictures 2017

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At long last progress to show, the underside of the bridgedeck has a coat of cream on it. Not as good as I would have liked but acceptable.

In order to complete the boat I have adopted a carrrot and stick approach, there are no carrots but a long stick will appear in August so the boat will need to be ready by then.

My targets are paint under side before end of May done that !

then for June and July I must smooth and paint the Cockpit then Cabintop ready for August mast mounting and September Launch.

Already achieved but not worth a picture; The Engines have been run for about 20 minutes each and seem ok the calorifiers both get hot and nothing leaks (not now).

A 90 litre Stainless blackwater tank has been installed under the saillocker not quite in the way I had planned but functional and the throne plumbed in.

Saloon cushions in grey have been made and wrapped in polythene to keep the muck off. Berth cushions treated similarly.

The pilot gas alarm is now live so I will need to commission the oven and stove.

The trampoline has caused minor headaches but looks like it will be 2 ton cargo netting cut to shape overlocked at the edge and then stretched to either rigging wires at the edges or some other type of fixing

Cockpit undercoated in white epoxy ready for a final smoothing and then coating in cream 2 pack Acrylic

Since the last picture cream paint is everywhere and the locker lids are fixed. Non slip epoxy sand surrounded by masking tape. The observant will have noticed the plotter bracket and some instrument wiring. No one will have missed the mainsheet track and traveller ropes.


Windows in! probably only 2 weeks behind schedule, I still have the foredeck and cockpit to coat with epoxy and sand and of course a large area of cabin roof that I won't get to until the polytunnel roof gets some standing head room cut into it.

Named and numbered


August 28th 2017

This shot shows the non slip area around the mast just before it gets two coats of cream paint, as all keen observers will note the roof is missing making the finishing up top pleasurable.

The outside is therefore finished and there is light at the top of the tunnel,I am back on schedule as the mast is now due in the first week of September.

The jobs list whilst acquiring a lot of lines through completed items regularly gets extra lines on the bottom of new and overlooked things to be done so I am not certain of a launch this year as it is so much easier to complete the internals with the remnants of the tunnel and associated equipment around me.


15th November the mast is up and secured with halyards, by the end of the day it will be with swaged rigging wire and will also have guardwires.

Yes it does look like I am building in a scrapyard.

The carpet on the cabinroof is for the riggers workmate which has his swaging press on it.