Eclipse Build Pictures 2018

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The Polytunnel is now in bits ready for its new owner


The next big operation other than finish the inside is to raise the boat about 3 foot to get the launch trolley under it.

A 2 ton trolley jack wasn't enough to lift it from ths position and then I realised it was trying to lift 3 corners of the keels as the boat has very little flex about it, once there was enough room to get the jack under the centre of the keel I was only lifting one side at a time and a lot easier.


About 8 inches in the air and now I must search for a lot of larger blocks.

For the interested/technical, Trolly jacked to 3 sleeper blocks under the keel then spaced off of the trrolley by about 11" of wood, one beer barrel and a piece of old carpet this gave enough height to give a working clearance throught the seawall gates.

Support was at the Mast beam, Bulkhead 4 and at the turn of the Bridgedeck forward, no discernible flex, no paint damage and very little wobble when moving across the uneven yard.



The day before launch waiting outside the gate.

The gate is just 20 ft wide, going throughthere was 3" one side and 15" the other, good job the driver is highly skilled.

Waiting for the tide

A watched tide never moves fast enough


Wedneday 18th April, 9 and 3/4 years AFLOAT